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February Product Box- Harry’s Bag!

February Product Box- Harry’s Bag!

✨Pre-Sale✨ Open 1/19-1/26, all orders/ add on combo orders including a Harry bag purchase will ship 2/1. This month's product bag is filled with so many 💘 themed labels, scents, & more! Carry your Harry scents with a 🛍️ holographic reusable bag! Find each scent inspired by TCC’s love for all things Styles, 🎤including a correlated album cover for each scent! Be advised- select scents may include a parasoy wax type blend.

What are the scents & Styles? I thought you’d never ask!



(5) Single Cell Wax Cubes (approx 1oz each)



You'll be stuck in a daydream of fresh banana, orange creamsicle, sweet raspberries, & hints of chilled vanilla ice cream.


☕️🍞Matilda- You're just in time, make your tea & toast! Find fluffy lemon poundcake, whipped buttercream, & fresh baked artisan bread slices.


🍬🍭💖Sweet Creature-

Have another talk about where it's going right, with sugared jelly beans, fresh gummy bears, & sweet fruited gumdrops!


🧺🍬🥀Sign of the Times- Stop your crying, it will be alright with fluffed linens, warm cashmere, gentle florals, & hints of sweet cotton candy.


🌙☄️🪐Spinning Out- Get pulled in to space with nebula clouds of wild amber, star bursts of citrus, & hints of dark sea moon waves of cardamom spiked bergamot.


(1)Wax Snap Bar (approx 2.5-3oz)

🏠❤️ Harry's House- Welcome home to dried tobacco leaves, worn book pages, gentle florals, & fresh bayberry oak leaves.


(1) Scoopable Wax (approx 1oz)

🍒🍉🥝🍓The Fruit Man-

Get festive with a blend of strawberries on a summer evening, watermelon sugar, & juicy cherry!


(1) Pack of Shaped Wax Tarts (approx 1 oz)

🪺🐦🍯If I was a Bluebird-

Sweet honey dipped oatmeal clusters, spoonfuls of sugared blueberry jam, & sweet cranberry glaze.

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