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Pride 2024 ✨Sparkle✨ Melts!

Pride 2024 ✨Sparkle✨ Melts!

Celebrate this June, with a glorious rainbow of wax melts! Find 2 very ✨Special✨ scents added to the rainbow roster, as well! All available inventory is up to date & sadly won’t be restocked. Select from single scents or grab a bundle! Each order containing a Pride melt will receive a FREE rainbow bracelet! Want to give something for a great cause? Find the donation’s listing- each donation received will include a FREE bracelet & hand held flag! Donations may be ordered with or without wax melts! All donations received will be sent to the Pride Center of the Capital Region, in Albany NY. Happy June, be safe, & be kind!


Pride Collection 2024


Red- Juicy cherries, dark mulberry, sugared raspberry, & hints of sugared watermelon.


Orange- Sugared orange sherbet, vanilla ice cream, hints of tangerine, & marshmallow.


Yellow- Pineapple upside down cake, hints of sweet bakery dough, & cinnamon sugar glaze.


Green- Fresh cut grass, patchouli leaves, earthy oak bark & hints of pine needles.


Blue- Refreshing bergamot waters, sunscreen, salty air, sun dried linen, & hints of masculine cardamom.


Indigo-Sweet wildberry cobbler, of warm blueberry, sugared raspberry, pie crust crumbles, & hints of toasted cinnamon sugar.


Violet- Wild violets, fresh cut iris stems, cactus water, & hints of refreshing greenery


Say Gay- Sugared fruity pebbles, fruit loops, & frankenberry cereal crumbles!


Mom Hugs- Dark red berries, citrus, lily of the valley, cotton candy, bergamot, & hints of vanilla bean.

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