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Summer Scents

Summer Scents

Swim in scent this summer with everything you need to cool down, or start the party! Snag your pre-order of classic 6pk cubes, 6/28-7/8/24 with a ship date of 7/16/24. All items in an order containing pre order items will ship together 7/16/24.



Scented Summer Choices:


🍑🥭Mango, Peach, Papaya- Sugared sweet peaches, fresh mango, & sliced papaya.


🍋🍊Sparkled Citrus- Sweet champagne, tart grapefruit juice, hints of mandarin orange.


🍋Lemon Curd Cake- Sugared lemon pie filling, warm baked yellow cake, hints of sugared pie crust.


🍒🫐Blackberry Cupcake- Dark berries of raspberry, mulberry, & black cherries, hints of frosted cupcakes.


🥖🍞Bakery Bread- Warm flour dusted artisan bread, hints of yeast, & buttered dough.


🎋🍋‍🟩Himalayan Bamboo- Fresh cut greens, aloe water, hints of lime & moss.


🎡🎠County Fair- Sweet caramel apples, sugared taffy, buttered popcorn, & fried dough.


👙Retro Swim Suit- Ocean washed linens, bergamot, hints of honeydew melon, & coconut sandalwood.


🎉🌹Bingo Bash- Red rose petals, fresh green grass, sweet pea florals, & hints of wild lily blooms.


🏖️🍓Sugared Sands- Refreshing red berries, of cherry, watermelon, raspberry, hints of vanilla, coconut, & amber musk.


🍹🧊Arnie Palmie- Refreshing sweet tea, iced lemonade, & all the chill you need to cool down!


🎃Something Solstice- Fall lovers missing their sweet stuff? Fall for summer this season with sugared pumpkin spice, warm cornbread cake, hints of maple French toast!

  • *Pre-Order Item* to ship 7/16/24

    All items on an order containing pre order products will ship together 7/16/24. All “Hot states” will have ice packs & Mylar wrap for shipping to help cut down on shipping heat. ✨All orders starting 7/1/24 will ship Mon-Wed only, to avoid sitting in shipping truck elevated temperatures.

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