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❤️Valentine's Day Snack Cakes

❤️Valentine's Day Snack Cakes


Celebrate the cutest season & fall in love with these Valentine's Day themed "snack cake" look alike wax melts! Made with a TCC parasoy wax blend, decorated to wooooh just about anyone! Select from (2) different "cake" style choices- (1) Approx 2.5-3oz wax melt.


Cake Options: (Don't eat this, no matter how good it smells)


💋❤️Sprinkled Heart:

Choco Cherry- Warm brownie, topped sweet cherry buttercream frosting.


🍓🍰Pink Drizzled Cake:

Lil' Cake-Fresh baked strawberry poundcake, with whipped vanilla cream icing, & gooey marshmallows.

    $5.95 Regular Price
    $3.87Sale Price
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