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Valentine’s Day Classic Cubes

Valentine’s Day Classic Cubes


Fall in love with (14) scents to adore! Find Valentine’s Day themed labels, coloring, & all the glitz of the cutest holiday known to mankind! All Valentine’s Day’s wax melts are a TCC exclusive parasoy blend of wax, for color retention, stability, & ease of production coinciding with themed shaped tarts. (Also available!)


Let’s skip to the good part- what scents are available? Find your favorite blend for this year’s love day, however you’re celebrating!


Scent Options:


❌Single Taken Hungry-

Why date when there is cake? Warm yellow cake, sweet buttercream frosting, & sugared vanilla!


👑👰‍♀️Princess Bride-

A love written in the stars, a blend of sugar spun cotton candy, lemon poundcake, vanilla buttercream, & hints of carnation petals!


🥰Lover Lover-Lusty linen, wild florals, & kissable cactus blossom type.



👯‍♀️Slay the Day- Feel fierce? Feel sultry? Slay every day with the dupe of Viva La Juicy perfume!



💘Cupids Candy-

Sweethearts of pink sugar crystals, sugared cotton candy, juicy cherries, & kisses of tangy citrus!



📞Call Me Maybe-

I just met you, this is crazy! Here’s my number, so call me strawberry poundcake, frosted sugar cookies, & juicy maraschino cherries! -or whatever the song says.


🕺Rick Astley-

He’s never going to give you up, never going to say goodbye, or tell a lie, he’s Rick Astley! A high hopes blend of classy cardamom, alluring amber, lavender, cedar, & hints of perfect powder!


🥂Dinner for Two-

Sultry bubbly champagne, juicy citrus, bold black cherry merlot, & hints of rose petals!


🍫Box of Chocolates-

Cozy milk chocolate, seductive caramel, & hints of vivacious vanilla buttercream.


👵🏻💕👴🏻Old School Love-

Roll with the timeless classics this Valentine’s Day, earthy patchouli leaves, nag champa, swirled sandalwood, & hints of dragons blood.


🍨Suga Suga-

Oh honey, a vanilla vibe to adore! Vivacious vanilla bean, melted marshmallows, sweet sugar cubes, & hints of warm vanilla sugar type!


💘🎂Cupids Cake-

Follow Cupids arrow to the love of your bakery life! A blend of warm cupcakes, sweet buttercream, toffee crumbles, perfect pecans, & sweet maple syrup.


💃More Than a Woman-

The Bee Gee’s know how to make a great love song, this blend is the embodiment of their dream girl- beautiful bergamot, lily of the valley, sunflowers, sultry musk, & hints of juicy cherry!



Get the loose leaf we are heading back in time. Every teen queen was a vixen in their favorite 90s-2000s era body spray, feel the nostalgia with a blend of Love Spell Type, Warm Vanilla Sugar, & hints of Cucumber Melon- which queen were you?!




🥣My Boo- Sugared fruity cereal pieces, marshmallow fluff, & hits of blueberry jam.






❤️With You- Sweet caramel, warm chocolate chip cookies, fresh buttercream, & hints of maple French toast.

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