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We pride ourselves on providing the best buying experience possible from product selection, the check-out process, packing, shipping, & your unboxing! Be advised processing times may vary week to week based on sales influx, ranging from 2 days to 5 days. This is the time needed to prepare your selections with the care & expertise you deserve! Want more information & specifics on shipping or our wax lingo? Check out the quick essentials below!


Shipping Policies & TCC Lingo


- We love scenting the world, international shipping is an option, please be advised TCC is not responsible for international shipping costs (USPS calculated international rates are used), any taxes or fees due in recipient country upon arrival are subject to local government policies or rates. We strive for the most affordable, reliable, & safe shipping experience. 

- Free shipping offers are based on order totals after the use of any coupon codes. If the assigned threshold for shipping requirements has not been met or exceeded, a flat rate shipping charge is applied to your order.

- Want to add on to an existing order that hasn't shipped yet? Use code; Combo  at checkout to bypass the shipping fee & alert us to combine orders for you!


Coupon Code Use:

- A limit of 1 coupon/savings code per order.

-Gift Cards can be purchased & redeemed on (coupons not valid on purchasing a gift card).

-Gift card redemption as a form of payment can be combined with a coupon code.


Clamshell or 6PK Cube- Commonly thought of as a "pack" this is the container of classic wax melts, 6 square cubes in 1 plastic package. 

"Throw" this is a term used in the scent world to describe how strong or light a fragrance is when filling a space. " Strong throw", "weak throw", or a numerical scale value such as "3 out of 10", or "10/10" the higher the number the stronger the scent.

Loaf- a solid brick/chunk of wax, made to be broken apart for use. Typically, this style of wax melt is found in a larger weight than a standard clamshell or shaped tart. Each vendor is different as some may offer smaller weight options vs. larger weight options.

RTS- a common acronym for Ready to Ship. Meaning this item is prepared, & able to be shipped with minimal lag time. 

Pre-Order or Pre-Sale- Means these items are prepared per order, on a specific date. Typically, these items will have a set shipping date & are being sold in preparation for their release. 

"Cold Throw"/"Hot Throw"- Cold Throw is the scent you initially sense before adding heat to a candle or wax product. vs Hot Throw which comes with warming or burning your candle or wax products. "Hot Throw" is the only true judge of a scent, as this is the final product in its actual usage form. Adding heat amplifies scent & produces the ultimate experience. 

Processing time- This is the time frame needed to prepare your order for shipment. Each vendor sets their own processing times based on their needs or business situation.

TAT- a common acronym used for "Turn Around Time", this term is a measurement of processing time, or how long it takes a vendor to receive your order, pack, & ship your items. 

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