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Crazy name? Great products.

Say hello to the "brand" based for the people, by the people. This started as a last resort effort, fed up with the declining quality my favorite big brands had given me. I decided to try my hand at making my own. Quickly learning that I was on to something & had to share it with the world! Our goal is to produce the highest quality product, at a everyday affordable price. Fragrances can change a mood, thought, & whole vibe. We as fragrance fans know this to be true. Aromatherapy is real, & every single human deserves to have a happy place of their own. Providing you with the best scent throws and options are what we are here for, helping you achieve the happy place you search for. The fragrance connoisseur & the beginner all have a place in this fragrance family!    ( yes, candle, wax, & body care hoards are all accepted & encouraged here this is the place fragrance addicts come to feel normal! )


Our team is an incredible source of information, inspiration, and dedication to everything The Crack Corner stands for. We’re so happy to work in something that we have such a passion for! Check out our cheesy bios below!



Owner / Waxologist

I've been attracted to fragrance my entire life! Abandoning my career to pursue a dream of scenting homes & happy places! Find me dancing & singing to music, while mixing candles. I have a toddler, rescue pets, & a love for all things carbs!- Be the change you wish to see in this world is a daily affirmation I live by!

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