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Cherry Almond Twist

Cherry Almond Twist

* Discontinued* Please visit the "Discontinued Scent List" page for purchasing options.

Sweet juicy black cherry blended into warm vanilla with notes of fresh nutty almond. Great for any fruity lover as cherry takes the stage in this one! Vanilla & almond aromas soften the fruity cherry in this blend, giving a complex warmth to this fruity wonder.

  • Product Info

    -All items are handcrafted in small batches to assure the highest quality.- Want a custom? Send us a message! We love making everything a possibility!

    -All candles & melts are handcrafted 100% soy wax (unless specified in individual listings, ex: product boxes, custom request for specific wax types)

    -Shaped Tarts may contain a para soy blend- to maintain quality in shipping. Shape weight ranges from 1.5oz -2.3oz (typically 1.8oz +) unless otherwise noted.

    -Carpet powders are a blend of fragrance oil & sodium bicarbonate- making them safe for use in community areas, pet areas, & general spaces- should irritation occur, please discontinue use.

    - Fabric Fragrance is not intended for direct skin contact. if indirect contact causes irritation please discontinue use. 

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