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Easter Scents of 2024

Easter Scents of 2024

🐇Hop into spring, with the essential fragrances of the season! Classic 6pk cubes in 100% soy wax, pastel coloring & decor, with the cutest Easter themed labels this side of the carrot patch! Fill your basket with all the 🍭candy, 🍫sweets, 🍰treats & 💐florals- spring is coming!


🍭Jelly Beans- Fruited candy scent of cherry, lemon, strawberries, & hints of blueberry.


🍬🍰Confetti Cake- Sweet white cake, cotton candy buttercream, fresh strawberries, & hints of sugared whipped cream topping.


🐣Marshmallow Peep- Classic sugared marshmallow cream.


🥕🍰Carrot Cake-Classic aroma of spiced cake, carrot slices, walnuts, & hints of cream cheese frosting.


🌷Spring Fling-Fresh peony petals, magnolia blossoms, & violets in bloom.


🧺🍒Sunday Morning- Classic fresh fluffed linens, star gazer lily, & hints of sweet pistachio cherry cream.


🍋Lemon Cookies- Lemon meringue, frosted sugar cookies, vanilla cream, & sugar crystals.


🐰🍰Bunny Cake- Warm coconut Poundcake, cream cheese frosting, sugared cherry, & hints of fresh coconut flakes.


🐇🫐🍓Hoppy Easter-Sweet blueberries, strawberries, & sugared raspberries, topped with warm vanilla custard.


🌱Easter Grass- Fresh cut grass, rain water, & green stems.


💐Spring Lily-Blooming Stargazer lily, lily of the valley, & hints of trimmed green stem.


🍫🍪C is for Chocolate- Sweet milk chocolate, sugared cream, & hints of warm chocolate chip cookie dough.



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