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Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks

Handcrafted high strength incense sticks, now available in your favorite scents! Each set is a pack of 10 sticks, select your scent & fire up your happy place! Scent options at this time are:


Juicy Fruit-Sugared sweet banana bubble gum! - Yes, it smells just like the childhood favorite Juicy Fruit gum!


Pumpkin Pecan Waffles- Warm fresh flipped pumpkin waffles, with sweet pecan and maple syrup glaze. A sweet & strong bakery scent perfected by bath and body works & this smells exactly the same!


Sun Drenched Linen- A dupe on the Yankee aroma. Fresh line dried, fluffy linen. Notes of cedar wood, cotton, linden flower, tea leaves, bergamot & hints of citrus. Give life to this laundry fan essential.


White Sage & Lavender- Earthy sage leaves, hints of fresh lavender petals, & notes of earthy ozone.


Nag Champa- The classic aroma! Warm amber, rose, lily, sandalwood & patchouli notes.


Boats & Hoes- Classic sangria fruit medley, or lemon, lime, apple, orange, pineapple, & raspberry. Notes of red wine, & chardonnay, make this a sweet yet tart summertime favorite. lol


Basic B*tch-Fresh pumpkin, blended with a touch of sweet vanilla & cinnamon spice. Giving life to the staple, pumpkin spice scent!


Dragons Blood- Showcasing fresh woodsy cedar, notes of clove, and orange.


Mystery Variety Pack- 10 sticks, assorted scents, chances of any available scent!

Apple Cider Donut- Warm apple cider donuts, hints of sugared cinnamon.

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