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Murderous March Box 2024

Murderous March Box 2024

*Pre-Order* Closes 3/7- all boxes begin shipping 3/15, all items in an order containing a March Box will ship together.


Do you love a good serial killer? The human mind, your thing? Murder & mystery your favorite topic? This box is for you! Select from (3) different scent profile types, to fit your scent personality. Each March Box will arrive with products packaged in "blood spattered" bags, fully encased in a "body bag"- TCC toe tag included. (If you do not want a toe tag, please leave us a note at checkout)

Products youll receive?

(1) Blood Bar- Approx 2.5-3oz of 100% soy wax blood spattered bar

(1) Bag of Blood- Approx 3oz of blood red squeezable wax melt, with a option to "customize" your Bag of Blood name & blood type

(1) Sack of Tarts- Approx 2oz of assorted dangerously shaped wax tarts (skulls, spattered hearts, axe, ext)

(1) Travel Body Spray- Approx 10 ml

(1) 3x3 TCC original design magnet to match the killer theme!

(1) "Case File" a small folder including:

- Word Search

- Word Scramble

-Adult Coloring Page

-A list of must see crime documentaries/series curated by TCC! (Including where to find them!)

- “Inside the Killer Mind”- a synopsis of each serial killers psychological type, for your reading pleasure.

- “Killer Card”- A specific serial killer, picked for you, including a bio for you to research! This killers bio can be used in our own TCC Facebook group, for an interactive activity! (optional to interact) all group members who post their Killer Card will be entered into a giveaway!


What are the scent options?


Fruity Box:

Blood Bar- approx 2.5-3oz

Instinct- Calculated coconut flakes, bloody apples, & hints of brutal cherry cake spatter.


Bag of Blood- approx 2.5-3oz

Senseless- Cruel blue raspberry jolly ranchers, murderous mulberries, & hints of Mountain Dew soda fizz sting.


Sack of Tarts- approx 2oz

Rage-Prickly pears, painful peaches, & barbaric banana slices.


Travel Spray- Approx 10ml

Homicidal- Sinful blueberry cheesecake buried under spun cotton candy.




Blood Bar- Approx 2.5-3oz

Sniper- Crimson cedar, masculine lavender, & hints of ominous amber musk.


Bag of Blood- approx 2.5-3oz

Aspirate- Blood soaked linens, wild lilac, deadly roses, fresh violets, & hints of plucked tulip petals.


Sack of Tarts- approx 2oz

Hunter- Broken lilac bushes, cactus flower cuts, notes of sacrificial powder, & blood red roses.


Travel Spray- approx 10 ml

Prey-A dupe of Bath & Body Works Sweater Weather, hellish green leaves, fatal mint, crushed apple slices, & hints of mortal oakmoss musk.



Blood Bar- approx 2.5-3oz

Sin- Calculated coconut flakes, bloody apples, & hints of vicious cherry cake spatter.


Bag of Blood- approx 2.5-3oz

Thriller- Savage spiced carrot cake, fatal cream cheese frosting, blunt buttermilk waffles, crushed pecans, & hints of deadly nutmeg.


Sack of Tarts- approx 2oz

Barbaric- Vicious spiced dough, fatally frosted sugar cookies, violent vanilla buttercream frosting.


Travel Spray- approx 10 ml

Cruel- Fatal lemon cookies, blood thirsty buttercream, dark blackberries, & hints of poisoned black tea.



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