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Spring Wax Melts- 2024

Spring Wax Melts- 2024

Hop into the spring season with refreshing scent! Find 14 uplifting soy wax melt scents to bring on the happy vibes! Seasonal depression, who dis?


Available in classic 6pk cubes:


🪻💧Lilac Rain- Fresh lilac petals, greenery, rain water, & hints of aged wood.


🍋💜Blackberry Lemon- Sugared lemon slices, dark berry pulp, & hints of sweet sugar cookie dough.


💐Quinn’s Flower Shop- Fresh sun-dried linens , wild lilac, rose petals, sugared violet, & tulip bulbs.


🍒🍦Cherry Cream- Chilled vanilla ice cream, sliced red cherries, hints of sweet yellow cake.


🧺☀️Sunshine Picnic Time- Fresh cut grass, pine needles, & sun soaked tree bark.


☕️🍫The Perfect Blend- Warm coffee beans, milk chocolate, notes of sugared cream, & warm caramel drizzle.


🌺Hawaiian Aloha (Gain Type)- Sugared raspberry vanilla with hints of tropical florals.


🎋Bamboo Lime- Fresh cut bamboo, wild greenery, citrusy lime water.


🍊🍦Orange Creamsicle- Sweet orange cream & cool vanilla ice cream.


🍇Sun-drenched Vineyard type (BBW) *Limited* 6pk Cubes- Ripe grapes, citrus, greenery, red berries, & hints of jasmine.


🍯🥖Oatmeal & Honey Bread- Soothing oatmeal, fresh sugar milk, blended into sweet honey cornbread.


🍊🍍🍒Girl Dinner- Pineapple citrus, maraschino cherry, mandarin orange, & whipped cream. The ultimate fruit salad!


🍰🍓Pinkberry Cheesecake- Fresh strawberries, mulberries, hints of raspberry, & brown sugar cheesecake.


☔️🪴Puddle Jumping- Rain water, fresh tilled ground, hints of sand, & rainy day ozone.

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