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Star Wars- May the 4th 2024

Star Wars- May the 4th 2024


Take on the empire this May the 4th, with wax melts that will bring balance to your force! (See what I did there? Han shot first for the record) each parasoy wax melt crafted with Star Wars fandom, including themed labels, & packaging!


🔘3D Death Star Mega Melts approx 3.5.+oz(Neon Tye Dye)


Chilled birthday cake, sweet buttercream frosting, & hints of pecan crumble



🪐Assorted Shaped Tarts include a possible variation of : approx 2oz per bag (multiple assorted shapes in each bag)🪐

- Han in carbonite

- Darth Vader

- Clone/Storm Troopers

- Millennium Falcon

- R2D2


Scent Options (shaped tart bags)✨


The Fragrance Strikes Back:

Red cherries, sugared fruit loops, vanilla ice cream, & hints of whipped cream.




Return of the Wax:

Fresh cut grass, sage leaves, cedar bark, & hints of lavender.



Squeezable Wax approx 2.5oz:✨


💫Carbonite (Gold):

Warm pumpkin pecan waffles, sweet carrot cake, hints of melted marshmallows.



🌋Mustafar (Red Lava):

Blazing cinnamon apple donuts, drizzled in sweet maple cream icing.



🌳🌧️Dagobah(Green/ Brown):

Earthy wild roots, masculine rain water, oakmoss, & hints of fresh dug ground.


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