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TCC Twinkies

TCC Twinkies

Lovecrafted Twinkies never smelled so good! Snag a single pack of your favorite Twinkies themed scented wax melt! 100% soy, makes them easy to slice & drop into any wax warmer! Select from (8) different Twinkie scented blends, each scent weighing in at approximately 2 oz of golden cake wax! (1) Twinkie per package.


Scent Options:


Strawberry Twinkies- Sugared strawberry, golden cake, & hints of vanilla cream.


Pumpkin Milkshake Twinkies- Sweet golden cake, vanilla ice cream, hints of warm pumpkin, & sugared nutmeg spices.


Fruit Loop Twinkies- Classic fruity cereal, golden cake, & whipped vanilla cream.


Fresh Twinkies- Squeaky clean linens, gentle summer ozone, golden cake, & hints of vanilla cream.


OG Twinkies- Classic Twinkie aroma of baked golden cake, & sugared vanilla cream.


Hippie Twinkie- Leafy patchouli, smooth sandalwood, golden cake, & sugared vanilla cream.


Bouquet of Twinkies- Lilac in bloom, luxurious cashmere, golden cake, & warm vanilla cream.


Cotton Candy Twinkies- Sugared strawberry, raspberry, & blueberry cotton candy, golden cake, & vanilla cream.

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